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I tried using g1 2 0 vcr pwl1 1 0 0,10meg 1v,1m however this doesnt seem to work. See voltage controlled voltage source vcvs in the hspice simulation and analysis user guide. These can be used to make voltage controlled resistors and capacitors. Resistor r b and capacitor c b form a b1 2015 oxford university press reprinting or distribution, electronically or otherwise, without the express written consent of oxford university press is prohibited.

Spice quick reference sheet the general anatomy of a spice. Data statements basic components resistors capacitors and inductors voltage and current sources independent dc sources independent ac sources transient sources sinusoidal sources piecewise linear source pwl pulse. However, you will need to explicitly command hspice to generate the extra. Audience this manual is intended for design engineers who use star hspice to develop, test, analyze, and modify circuit designs. Hspice elements and device models manual version x2005. Power electronics lab 2010 f f a silicon controlled rectifier scr is a four layer, three terminals and three junction device, which is basically a rectifier with a control terminal called gate.

Hsice simulation guide penn state college of engineering. Mentor graphics reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this publication without prior notice, and the. Var and current control strategies are optionally available. C 2 capacitor p, n d 2 diode p, n e 4 voltage controlled voltage source p, n, cp, cn f 2 current controlled current source p, n g 4 voltage controlled current source p, n, cp, cn h 2 current controlled voltage source p, n i 2 fixed current source p, n j 3 jfet d, g, s k 0 coupling for inductors. Elements and device models describes standard models you can use when simulating your circuit designs in hspice, including passive devices, diodes, jfet and mesfet devices, and bjt devices. Title line is always the first line of the input file. Capacitor bank protection and control, application manual english pdf manual rev615 5. Using pspice for circuits with dependent sources the problems in this tutorial and the corresponding homework continue to deal with the dc analysis of circuits, or dc bias analysis in pspice. This document is for information and instruction purposes. Input file hspice input is composed of mainly four part. Spice quirks using the spice circuit simulation program. These types of problems are common whenever one tries to model any nonlinear com.

To insert and configure a switch in ltspice insert the symbol for the voltage controlled switch in your schematic press f2 and type sw in the search field of the symbo. Voltage controlled voltage source 4 voltage controlled current source 4 basic spice polynomial expressions poly 6. Pwl method is a subset in vccs voltage controlled current source dependent source of. A voltagecontrolled resistor bela geczy ltspice is one of the worlds leading circuit simulation tools. Hspice tutorial university of california, berkeley. For the voltage controlled switch, nodes 3 and 4 are the positive and negative controlling nodes respectively. Voltage controlled oscillator vco the keyword vol is used to define a singleended input that controls the output of a vco. Vccs keyword for voltage controlled current source. Eldo users manual university of kentucky college of. Commands and control options provides reference information for hspice and hspice rf commands and options. In the following example, the frequency of the sinusoidal output voltage at node out is controlled by the voltage at node control.

This manual describes the starhspice circuit and device simulation software and how to use it. It allows dc and time transient analysis of nonlinear circuits. The thyristor switched capacitor is an important component of a static var compensator svc, where it is often used in conjunction with a thyristor controlled reactor tcr. Hspice features for running higherlevel simulations. The capacitor value can be described as a function of any node voltages, branch currents, and any independent variables such as time, frequency hertz, or temperature temper. You have to explicitly tell hspice to generate the extra. For the current controlled switch, the controlling current is that through the specified voltage source. Hspice simulation and analysis user guide electrical and. Voltagecontrolled capacitors capacitance transformers from a circuit designers point of view any diode is no more than a nonlinear resistor whereas a transistor is simply a voltagecontrolled nonlinear resistor its output impedance is controlled by input signal. Static var compensators are a member of the flexible ac transmission system facts family.

Rev615, numerical capacitor bank protection in medium voltage networks, guideform specification. For more specific details and examples refer to the relevant manual. In general, voltage and current sources in hspice can be very almost anything from simple dc sources too incedibly complex piecewise linear ones. Hi, currently i need a voltage controlled capacitor that has value between 1nf to 2. In this application note, we will illustrate the usage of voltage controlled impedance for controlling q of a series rlc filter network and changing the frequency of a wien bridge oscillator. In 1998, linear technology hired mike engelhardt to re. Spice quick reference sheet the general anatomy of a. Data statements basic components resistors capacitors and inductors voltage and current sources. Getting started with hspice 4 digital circuit simulation using hspice for the mos transistors in this file. Hspice mosfet models manual university of rochester. For example, if we desire to know the voltage across a capacitor whose leads connect between nodes 4 and 7, we might make out. The dc operating point analysis control options control the dc convergence. Automatic calculation of voltage change and kvar change, if applicable due to capacitor.

For spice options not available in pspice, see differences between pspice and berkeley. Lab manual power electronics ee460 page 4 of 80 com3lab board passive elements the values of the r, l and cs loads used on the power electronics board are. Modeling voltagecontrolled resistors and capacitors in pspice. Since this line is echoed back in the outputfile for the page header, it is a very good place to describe what this simulation is for. Chapter 5 using sources and stimuli class home pages. Lib library file contains subcircuit models for voltage controlled reactances and admittances.

Passive devices diodes jfet and mesfet devices bjt devices inside this manual this manual contains the chapters described below. Mos capacitor cv modeling using iccap hojoon kweon fairchild semiconductor 82326801293. Parameter v0 is the dc offset voltage and gain is the amplitude. Besides connecting the varactor which has low capacitance value pf range in parallel, anyone has any idea on how to achieve the mentioned values using a different approach. Intellicap automatic capacitor controls and sensors. Solutions for power factor correction at medium voltage 20 circutor.

Starhspice then connects a voltage source equivalent to. Model statement can be used to give resistors operating temperatures, l and w values to mosfets, or even insulator thickness on a capacitor. Modeling varactors deriving a chargebased model 4 of 7 the designers guide community 15 because cvt itself varies with time. Hspice applications manual, and hspice command reference. Note that im not talking about the sum of the capacitances from the mos transistor, but the transistor behaving as a capacitor. Originally developed at berkeley in the late 60s and early 70s, spice has evolved into one of the tools of choice for circuit simulation. These can be used to make voltagecontrolled resistors and capacitors. Pspice tutorial create a new project and select analog or mixed ad. User manual capacitor bank controller catalog number 14cap. Controlled sources voltage controlled voltage source e analog current controlled voltage source h analog voltage controlled current source g analog current controlled current source f analog. Since no significant dc current flows in the varicap, the value of the resistor connecting its cathode back to the dc control voltage resistor can be somewhere in the range of 22 k. This tutorial introduces the dependent source elements in pspice. Hi guys, im trying to obtain the cxv curve from moscap in spice hspice.

The cscsv sensors are wellsuited for working with our intellicap or intellicap plus automatic capacitor controls with var sensing. Circuit elements and models university of california. Some types of analysis use the associated analysis sources. Voltage controlled switch 218 capture parts 219 ideal switches 219 voltage controlled switch model parameters 219 special considerations 219 voltage controlled switch equations 220 voltage controlled switch equations for switch resistance 221 voltage controlled switch equation for noise 221 transmission line 222 ideal line 223 lossy line 224. Ngspice users manual version 31 describes ngspice release version holger vogt, marcel hendrix, paolo nenzi september 22nd, 2019. Capacitor bank protection and control rev615 capacitor. Vccap keyword for voltage controlled capacitance element. Determine the charge and voltage across any chosen capacitor in a network when given capacitances and the externally.

Modeling voltagecontrolled resistors and capacitors in. Resistor elements in a hspice or hspice rf netlist. The capacitance value across nodes out,0 varies linearly from 1p to 5p when voltage across nodes ctrl,0 varies between 2v and 2. Vccap is a star hspice keyword and should not be used as a node name. Hspice manual bipolar junction transistor electrical. C capacitor model core magnetic core model pmos pchannel mofet model d diode model examples.

This manual generally follows the conventions used in the microsoft windows users guide. Awaves is a program that allows you to graphically plot the results of the hspice analysis. So far we have covered circuits with resistors and independent sources. Awaves is a program that allows you to graphically plot the results of the analysis that hspice did. Bjts, mosfets, jfets and passive capacitors at each. The capacitor bank controller is a preengineered control system containing a micrologix 1400 controller, one or more powermonitor modules, and an. Appendix 2 voltagecontrolled capacitors capacitance.

Spice simulation program with integrated circuit emphasis originally developed at ee berkeley uses mathematical models to describe circuit elements spice3 is the latest variant. Thus, using 16 produces large errors if c is a strong function of v and v varies significantly with t. Pspice schematic with current controlled voltage source. Like diode, it is also a unidirectional device and forward conduction is from anode to cathode. Vccs is a star hspice keyword and should not be used as a. Computer modeling of electronic circuits with ltspice. Capacitor 126 capture parts 127 breakout parts 127 capacitor model parameters 128. The signal which is transmitted from one end of the pair to the other end is the voltage between the conductors. Hspice has a voltage controlled capacitor vccap model, s. Dependent current sources g elements voltage controlled current source vccs the syntax is.

Chapter 6 dc initialization and point analysis oregon state. Spice reads in a list of circuit nodes and the elements between. Ltspice includes a large number of excellent fet models, but sometimes you need to simulate a simple switch that opens and closes at specific times or under certain conditions. Hspice simulation and analysis user guide version y2006. Any two conductors can make up a transmission line. Chapter 22 performing behavioral modeling class home pages. Model statements allow extra device descriptions are required for accuracy. Spice quirks chapter 7 using the spice circuit simulation program pdf version. Overview of mosfet models mosfet output templates ideally, m1 one finger and m2 five fingers should have same values of channel current since their w and l values are same, but these values are different because for the fingered mosfets, the channel current, effective. Related documents the following documents pertain to. How to model a voltage controlled switch in hspice. Hspice simulation and analysis user guide version x2005. Brief introduction to hspice simulation wojciech giziewicz 1 introduction this document is based on one written by ihsan djomehri, spring 1999.

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